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The Lunt Marymor Service Team is always ready to provide you with professional and efficient solutions to all your plumbing, fire sprinkler, and radiant heating needs. We’re commited to fair and transparent pricing and making sure you’re properly taken care of.

Our construction team is a highly-trained, organized, and professional outfit that offers full-service plumbing, hydronic/radiant heating, and fire sprinkler services for custom-built homes, remodels and additions to existing homes, as well as new construction and tenant improvements for commercial projects.


At Lunt Marymor, we believe in...

Sustainable Plumbing

A "Green" plumbing solution is one that not only conserves natural resources and energy, but first and foremost, is easy to use and comfortable to live with. At Lunt Marymor, we field test countless products, from toilets to shower heads, hot water recirculating systems, and high efficiency hot water heaters to insure you that we stand behind our recommendations with confidence and experience.

Providing A Circle of Care

Fair, Transparent Pricing

We regularly check the marketplace to ensure our prices are competitive. We also guarantee our work. Plus we practice transparency. We don't obscure our rates, but rather we publish them in our Fair Pricing guide. It's our goal to bring you the best possible products and service, and to deliver this to you at a fair value. Get your plumbing service or construction project done cleanly, safely and efficiently, every time.


The Lunt Marymor Company approach to plumbing combines craftsmanship, artistry, and right relationships to bring you the best value in solving all of your plumbing needs. Whether service and repair, or new installation, our expertise encompasses all of the "wet piping" trades: plumbing, hot water heating (hydronic heating), and fire sprinklers. We are known for our ability to solve difficult plumbing problems, and for our efficient plumbing designs. From Berkeley bungalows, San Francisco highrise condos, Atherton estates, Alameda Victorians, Napa wineries, Oakland cottages, and commercial improvements of all kinds - we've have mastered it all.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heat is renowned for the comfort it creates. Properly designed and installed, it creates an environment with an even, warm heat. Lunt Marymor Company can replace your existing boiler with an energy efficient model, diagnose and repair problems with your existing hydronic heating system, or design and install a new system in your remodel or construction project.

Fire Sprinklers

Opt for the peace of mind that a properly installed and maintained automatic fire sprinkler system affords. Fire sprinkler systems have delivered a proven track record in protecting life and property in our homes, and in industrial and commercial buildings.

Construction / Remodel

We provide full-service plumbing, hydronic/radiant heating, and fire sprinkler services for custom-built homes, remodels and additions to existing homes, as well as new construction and tenant improvements for commercial projects.

“Working with subcontractors can be problematic, which is why we bring the Lunt-Marymor company onto our projects whenever we can. When they are doing the plumbing or hydronic heating, we can put our attentions elsewhere, because their professionalism makes that part worry-free for us.”

Phoebe Bressack
Bressack and Wasserman Architects

“We use Lunt Marymor when we want to guarantee the right outcome. Excellent people, excellent work, excellent service. The people who run our jobs ask for Lunt Marymor time and time again. From complex to simple, Lunt Marymor handles our plumbing work. When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you come to rely on good subs – and that’s Lunt Marymor. When you want it done right, call these guys – they’re one of the best, reliable, service oriented folks – highly recommended!”

Steve Nicholls

“Thank you so much for sending Michael! Not only did he fix the toilet, he noticed that the sink filter needed to be cleaned, and then took a look at the hot water handle in the shower which last time no one was able to fix w/ a minor repair. But Michael did with a simple washer, this handle had been leaking for well over a year because I thought it was going to be too expensive at the time. So keep him, give him a raise. Thanks!”


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