John Boe

Lunt Marymor is not only among the best PLUMBING sub-contractors you will ever find, they are also among the best contractors in ANY trade. Completely professional in every way, totally service oriented with absolute attention to the smallest detail, their technicians are the best in the business. And, they are committed to improving our environment […]

John L. Rossi – Senior Vice President, Director of Operations

I wanted to let you know how happy my wife and I were with the work your company did in installing our new lateral and in correcting the numerous deficiencies on the underside of our house. I am in charge of almost 40 million square feet of real estate across the country and have dealt […]

Phoebe Bressack

Working with subcontractors can be problematic, which is why we bring the Lunt-Marymor company onto our projects whenever we can. When they are doing the plumbing or hydronic heating, we can put our attentions elsewhere, because their professionalism makes that part worry-free for us.

Jon Larson

I have been recommending Lunt Marymor for as long as they’ve been in business. What I really appreciate is their extensive experience and excellent communication skills. They test products they use, fully understand how they work, and can explain them in a way that’s easy to understand. Years ago, when we increased our work with […]