I have been recommending Lunt Marymor for as long as they’ve been in business. What I really appreciate is their extensive experience and excellent communication skills. They test products they use, fully understand how they work, and can explain them in a way that’s easy to understand.

Years ago, when we increased our work with green building principles, I called Lunt Marymor to see what they thought of a new under counter water saving recirculation pump. At that time, they said they wouldn’t yet recommend it. A few years later, I checked with them again, they had tested it over time and totally recommended it! Not only that, but they had started a website with several new state of the art plumbing fixture and water heating products that they had tested and recommended.

Unlike many tradespeople, they are happy to share their secrets and any further suggestions they think of in working on a project. It’s this kind of care, along with creative insight into each project, that keep them on the top of my list for recommended plumbers in the Bay Area.