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Our Testimonials

We've used Lunt Marymor for years. We've always been happy with their service.

Eleanor R.

We rely on Lunt Marymor to keep our 24 hour operation running. Great Company

Certified K.

The estimator arrived on time, and took care of several small issues right then. A slightly larger issue was estimated and the work was done well and I am very satisfied.

Ronald P.

We always call Lunt Marymor for everything and trust them to do a good job each time. They know exactly what to do. It isn't a cheap job, but it is a good job and it always works.

Kay C.

The folks at Lunt Marymor were professional, experienced, communicative, and responsive. I had a good experience with them, and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Maya G.

I was more than satisfied.

Howard C.

A very good company.

Norman L.

Excellent company

Norman L.

Quality work every time.

Liz E.

Lunt Marymor does great work.

Max R.