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Our Testimonials

The gas leakage was a fairly traumatic experience. I felt like Lunt Marymor and the gas detection company was very helpful in resolving the issue from the time I called them. They were recommended to me by a friend.

Therese P.

Our water heater went out. We had no hot water and they came right out.

Christina S.

I was searching for the appropriate water heater and I had done a lot of research myself. I stilled had some unanswered questions so I called Lunt Marymor and the person in the office listened to me and said she would get back to me. She got back in touch with me and handled everything. I was very happy with whole process.

Michael W.

Experienced person tried to find a cure for the plumbing problem and did not give up trying.

Robert O.

Reliable, dependable, on-time, fair, great service and support. Used this firm for several decades, over several houses.

Bob K.

We have used them for years and will continue to do so.

Lou M.

Lunt Marymore has been my go to provider for workmanship I can count on.

Jim K.

We use Lunt Marymor without reservation. We have complete confidence in them to see what the issue is

Chris B.

They are a great plumbing company that treats you with respect! They completed the job in less time than we anticipated.

Lee F.

Professional, competent, prompt, especially Michael!

Karen M.