Hydronic Heating

We design & build installations and service for hydronic heating systems. Hydronic heat is renowned for the comfort it creates. Properly designed and installed, it creates an environment with an even, warm heat. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to heating solutions; as a result, we design and create applications and products that are uniquely appropriate to your project.

Service & Repair

We service the equipment we install and are available to service homes with older heating systems. We can maintain your system or upgrade it as you wish.

You can see some of our training and certifications on the Certification section of this site. We take pride in our systems and the quality of the installations. Should service be required in the future our installations are designed to simplify any maintenance or replacement of parts.

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Construction & Remodel

We are well versed with the equipment currently available on the market and the benefits that they offer. There are many products on the market that advertise themselves as being the next best thing. Some are; many fall short of the mark. We have hands-on experience with most of them and can give you the benefit of this experience. We use products which have field-proven performance.

Whether you are interested in heating an addition to your home, a new house, a commercial space or renovating your existing heating system, we can help.

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Hydronic Heating Services Include

  • Design/build new homes
  • Design/build remodels and additions
  • Boiler replacement
  • System control upgrade
  • Service of existing systems including leak repair
  • Modernization of older systems
  • High-efficiency upgrade
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Radiator heating – particularly wall panel
  • Convector and fan-convector heating

More About Hydronic Heating

hy·dron·ic, hI-’drä-nik, adj., hydr- + -onic (as in electronic), of, relating to, or being a system of heating or cooling that involves transfer of heat by a circulating fluid (as water or vapor) in a closed system of pipes.

Hydronic heating includes all types of hot water heating and steam heating. Hot water heat can be delivered to a room through a radiant floor, radiators, fan-coil heaters, fin-tube baseboard convectors, or a combination of any of these devices. There is a wide variety of possible applications using each of these methods. For instance radiant heat can be delivered through a floor, wall, or a ceiling. The flexibility of hydronic heating can provide a high degree of temperature control within the heated area.

We have extensive experience and training in hydronic heat – particularly in residential applications. Over the past thirty years we have designed and built hundreds of systems and installed thousands of miles of radiant heat tubing. These systems range from simple single room studios to large custom new homes with state of the art design and equipment. Many projects have been remodels of buildings where the existing system has been modernized and improved to provide more comfort. In other cases an entirely new hot water heating system has been installed. Our experience in system control design and installation is extensive. Whether you want a simple, reliable thermostat or a system using remote, hidden room sensors providing data to the system optimizer control, we can provide it for you.

Energy efficiency is an important part of any heating system. Not surprisingly the range of operational efficiency is determined by the design of the building, the efficiency of the heating system components, and the installation of the system. Most older boilers are inefficient. We can help you decide which products are best for you.

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