Green and Sustainable

At The Lunt Marymor Company, we have made the commitment to discover the most efficient and comfortable plumbing products available. We “field test” each of these products in our office and in our homes. From shower heads and aerators to water heaters and circulating pumps, we test these as well as other new products. The high-efficiency toilet in our staff bathroom is constantly changing, so we can have firsthand experience with the available models, therefore make informed recommendations to our Clients.

Our knowledge is such, that both Jim Lunt and Leigh Marymor have provided numerous presentations to building industry professionals on sustainable plumbing products & practices; hydronics & radiant heat. Additionally, they have written articles for the Journal of Light Construction, a national publication for expert building advice on all aspects of residential and light commercial construction.

Here are their very interesting articles:

Hot Water Circulation

by L. Marymor

Journal of Light Construction December, 2010

High-Efficiency Toilets

by L. Marymor

Journal of Light Construction March, 2010

Condensing Storage Water Heaters

by J. Lunt

Journal of Light Construction July, 2009


If you would like to learn how much water and money you could potentially save by replacing your conventional tank with a condensing water heater, try this calculator!

Condensing Hot Water Calculator


The following are several water and energy saving solutions that The Lunt Marymor Company thinks make the best sense for our Clients: