Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

We’ve built our reputation on high quality work and a fair pricing policy. This means that in good times and in bad times, you will always get a great value. This includes a full explanation of what goes into the cost of our services. We publish our pricing and freely offer it to you as you decide who is best equipped to handle your repair, service or project. If everyone did this, your job as a consumer would be much easier!

  • We regularly check the marketplace to ensure our prices are competitive.
  • Our quoted price is what you pay; no hidden charges.
  • Materials are charged at the Modern Wholesale List price. This is an industry standard publication that is used by most Plumbing Contractors.
  • Our work is guaranteed. We won’t make excuses; we’ll just make sure that the job is done cleanly, safely and efficiently, every time.

Our Clients find us less expensive and a better value in the long run, and even in the short run, because we get the job done faster and better than other plumbing companies. We encourage you to judge for yourself. Remember, it’s not the rate that matters, it’s the work.

Service Labor Rates

How do we charge for our time? We provide our services based on the following methods of compensation: Time and Materials (T&M) and Fixed Quote. You will be charged for both the diagnostic and repair portions of our visit. We are unable to provide a Service Technician to make no-cost service estimates at your door; however, our estimators are able to provide you with free estimates for remodel or new construction work.

Time and Materials: Our Technician will have all of the common plumbing materials that will be required to solve common repairs on his vehicle. If our Technician is missing a common item and must make a trip to get it for you, you will not be charged for this time. However, if we are required to locate custom, rarely used, or unique materials, we will charge at the service rate specified for the repair type for the time involved to research, pick up and deliver these. On larger installations and repairs, you will be charged for the time it takes to make materials lists and stage materials to your location.

Our rate schedule is shown below. Rates are per each man. Many repair calls only require one Technician for the job, this person is charged at the Journeyman rate. Materials are charged at Modern Wholesale List price. For more about our pricing, please visit our Fair Pricing page.

As of 07/21/2017: Journeyman Apprentice
Minimum Service Charge $185 $145
Hourly Charge, Pro-Rated After 1st Hour $185 $145
Radiant & High Efficiency Water Heating Repairs  $370.00 1st hour, $225 add'l hours; 1 hour minimum $145
Sewer Lateral Cleaning* $275 1st hour, $185 each add’l hour; 1 hour minimum  $145
Sewer, Video and Electronic Line Location* $350 1st hour, $185 each add'l hour, 1 hour minimum $145
Household Drains Cleaning $185 per hour; 1 hour minimum $145
Fire Sprinkler Consult and Repair $370 1st hour, $225 each add'l hour, 1 hour minimum $145
Plumbing Consult, Pipe Sizing & Layouts $225 per hour; 2 hour minimum n/a

*2nd man, if required, will be billed at apprentice rate.

Fixed Quote: Some scopes of work are appropriate for fixed price quotations. These projects are priced by the job, not by the hour. Price quotes are given prior to work proceeding and are agreed to by Owner in writing.

Billing: Our Service Technician will ask you to sign his work order before he begins working, and initial it once he is done. Our Technicians do not bill or collect on the spot; we invoice for our services by mail.

Payment Methods for Service Work: Checks, Visa or MasterCard credit cards only (maximum chargeable amount to a credit card is $1,500 per invoice)

Warranty – New Installations: All new installations are provided with a one year parts and labor warranty, beginning with the date of installation.

Warranty – Repairs to existing plumbing: Repairs to existing plumbing lines, fixtures and faucets are provided with a 30 day parts and labor warranty, beginning with the date of repair. We are unable to warrant drain cleaning.

Reschedule & Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please be sure to contact us at least 24 hours prior to your set appointment time. Missed appointments without prior notice are subject to our minimum service charge.

What is an estimate and how does that differ from a consultation? Why do I pay for one service and not the other?

An ESTIMATE will include a clearly defined scope of work that can be given a firm price before the work is begun.  There is no charge for an estimate. Examples of work whose costs can be estimated are water closet replacements, replacement of an existing tank water heater with the same type at the same location, and installation of a water supply for refrigerator ice maker, etc.  

In-home CONSULTATIONS require problem solving, investigation, pipe sizing, piping layouts and/or designing a plumbing system.   Fees for consultations are charged by the hour. Examples are diagnosing the cause of a hot water mixing problem, laying out the route and determining the size for running a new gas line, whole-house water re-pipe, diagnose the cause of a mystery leak, etc.

A BUDGET is a general scope of work that is given a ball park price that is subject to change as conditions become more apparent.  There is no charge for a budget. Examples include work required behind concealed conditions or limited access where existing piping cannot be readily inspected. Placeholder budget amounts may be assigned for fixture purchases that are yet to be specified, or subcontractor work (for example concrete cutting and trenching) that has not yet been bid by the subcontractor.

Repairs that cannot be efficiently estimated in advance are dispatched as SERVICE CALLS.  Service calls include all typical plumbing issues, for example: running water closets, dripping faucets, leaking water lines, clogged drains, inoperable valve handles, broken garbage disposals, etc.