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Our Team

The Lunt Marymor Team

Leigh MarymorPresident

Leigh Marymor has been a ‘fixture’ in the plumbing world for over thirty-five years. Besides his passion for plumbing, Leigh has been an advocate for cultural resource conservation in California and nationally for over twenty years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Education from the University of Wisconsin. He served as President of the American Rock Art Research Association (2004-2006); is a co-founder of the Bay Area Rock Art Research Association and has been its Co-chairperson since its inception in 1983.

Jim LuntPartner Emeritus

Jim Lunt graduated from Cornell in 1972, and within a couple of years acquired his contractor’s license, became a journeyman, and started the JW Lunt Plumbing Company. He was quickly becoming recognized as a reliable and skillful craftsman, and in 1999 he co-founded The Lunt Marymor Company. His level of expertise in plumbing and particularly hydronics has lead him to speak at conferences for, among others: NARI, Splinter Group, and ACEEE.  Jim has published on the topic of high efficiency hot water heating in The Journal of Light Construction.

Princess SundarAssistant Bookkeeper

Princess joined the Lunt Marymor team in the summer of 2015. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also calls the Fiji Islands home. Travel to foreign countries, especially for the cuisine and oceans, planning weddings, parties, small gatherings and BBQs with family and friends are all high on Princess' list of things she loves to do, and let's not overlook wine tasting with her husband, especially in Napa Valley where he proposed to her! Princess calls "perfect balance" being an accountant during the week and interior designing her home on the weekends. One of her favorite quotes (because it is so true) is, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius 

Danielle StoneSenior Bookkeeper & Controller

Danielle has worked in bookkeeping and accounting since 2007. She joined the Lunt Marymor family at the beginning of 2015 and we love having her on our team. Danielle studied Kinesiology, is a yoga instructor, and an artist. She loves outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and camping. Additionally, she is a henna tattoo artist.

Stephen RunngConstruction Supervisor

Stephen discovered the world of plumbing in 1974 and by 1977 he was a Plumbing Journeyman. He joined Leigh Marymor in 1986 and quickly became one of the company’s biggest assets. Stephen loves the hands-on gratification that plumbing provides and he has a particular appreciation for its artistic aspect. He says, “Plumbing feels like sculpture.” He spends his free time socializing and volunteering as a chemical dependency recovery counselor.

Tim KearnsConstruction Supervisor

Tim started plumbing in 1975 after a six year stint in the U.S. Navy. He learned the trade from his brother and quickly became a master in his own right. He started working with Leigh Marymor in 1985 and he witnessed the birth of Lunt Marymor in 1999. Tim enjoys hiking, golf, and his favorite activity is spending time with his two grandkids.

Dave MargolinField Operations Supervisor

Dave has worked with Leigh Marymor since 1982, and was already a vibrant team member when Lunt Marymor was born in 1999. Dave’s deep understanding of mechanical system allows him to tackle complicated tasks. Dave is a sculptor (metal smith) and a musician. He often plays guitar, bass, and mandolin with a local band. He enjoys playing poker, wine tasting, and traveling.

Michael TravisService Journeyman Plumber

Michael found his calling as a plumber in 1980. In 1983 he became a Journeyman Plumber and soon became known as the “Dentist of Plumbing” for his ability to troubleshoot complicated high end fixtures that no one else dared touch. In 1990, he joined Jim Lunt’s reputable team and nine years later he watched Lunt Marymor come to life. Michael collects LPs and comic books. He is particularly interested in the distinctive style of Robert Crumb’s underground comix. In his free time he re-builds Pachinko Japanese pinball machines, and enjoys visiting with his two daughters.

Steve PayneConstruction Journeyman Plumber

Steve joined Lunt Marymor as an apprentice in 2000, completed the PHCC apprenticeship program and became a Journeyman in 2005. Steve is a true craftsman and a vital member of the Lunt Marymor family. And avid A’s and 49ers fan, he can often be found at their games. Steve enjoys traveling, eating gourmet food, and spending time with his lovely wife.

Sam SaypanyaConstruction Journeyman Plumber

Sam is one of the nicest and sweetest people you will ever meet! He had owned and operated a Thai restaurant for six years when he decided it was time for a change, and in the year 2000, he started his plumbing career with the Lunt Marymor family. Sam is a terrific chef, his specialties are Pad Thai and curries, among many dishes. When he is not plumbing or cooking, he loves to spend time with his wife and two kids.

Aren BrushConstruction Journeyman Plumber

Aren joined the Lunt Marymor family as an apprentice in 2006. He completed the PHCC apprenticeship program and became a Journeyman Plumber in 2010. Aren plays piano, and enjoys making electronic music. He is a fan of documentaries of all types, astronomy, and architectural art.

Anthony PardeeConstruction Journeyman Plumber

Anthony has been a plumber since he was 21 years old, and has been part of the Lunt Marymor Family for most of his professional career. Anthony is very active, and can be often found playing recreational softball. He loves to garden and cook, and he’s known for his legendary Southwestern sandwich. Anthony also loves spending time with his fiancee, his two daughters and his son.

Dennis CruzConstruction Journeyman Plumber

Dennis has been a part of the Lunt Marymor family since 2002. He enjoys working with copper pipes so much, that in his free time he crafts water fountains with them! When he’s not plumbing or creating pipe art, he is a certified soccer coach, an accomplished seafood chef, and a dedicated family man to his lovely wife and his two sons.

Jake SnodgrassService Journeyman Plumber

Jake’s father is a plumber, so plumbing is in his veins. He has been plumbing since 2006, joined the Lunt Marymor family in 2012 and immediately enrolled in the four year PHCC apprenticeship program. Jake enjoys playing guitar and video games, camping, hiking, and drawing.

Brandon WatersPlumber Apprentice

Brandon is one of the youngest Lunt Marymor Team members. Since plumbing is in his blood, he is thoroughly enjoying his four year apprenticeship with the PHCC and is looking forward to becoming a Journeyman Plumber. Brandon is an avid skateboarder, a great dancer, an Xbox aficionado, and a budding chef.

Scarp HomePlumber

Scarp’s interest in the plumbing work started back in 2002, he joined the Lunt Marymor family in 2012 and has been in the four year PHCC apprenticeship program since. Scarp is as handy as he is artistic. When he’s not renovating his home, he’s playing drums, trumpet, and singing with his two bands. He even designs and makes his own horns using copper pipes! Scarp and his beautiful wife enjoy traveling and backpacking.

Philip Facciola IIIPlumber Apprentice

Phillip is Lunt Marymor's newest apprentice and already has made a big hit with our team. He's new to plumbing but is a very quick study and is proving himself to be mechanically adept. He joined our team in June 2015 and has already completed the first session of his four year PHCC apprenticeship training course with flying colors.

Jocsan AraveloPlumber Apprentice

Jocsan joined our team as a Plumber's Apprentice in November of 2015 after making a lateral move from his years of experience in the carpentry trade.